The remains of Durvuljin Temple where the 1921 Revolution began

2021-05-18 16:11:24

At a distance of 3 km to the west of Altanbulag soum, Selenge aimag, there lies the remains of Durvuljin Temple to the east of an area called ‘Ereen Narsnii Khamar’ (the Slope with the Striped Pines).

The Durvuljin Temple was previously called the Temple of Shireet Burkhan. However today, on the temple’s remains, a memorial wall and a statue of a machine gun are seen to be erected.

The statue commemorates the victory of the People’s Revolution of 1921. At the time, the Mongolian army was to take back the area to the north of Durvuljin Temple. Thus, per the battle plan of General D.Sukhbaatar, they began to fire with 4 machine guns from the entrance of the temple, chasing away Guomindang army soldiers and taking over Khiagt. Durvuljin Temple is considered as a historical place that sounded the first gunshots of the People’s Revolution.

This is also depicted in the lyrics for the song, ‘Shivee Khiagt’, telling about four machine guns that were placed at the entrance of Durvuljin Temple, and chasing away invasive, no-good Guomindang army soldiers to the closest path. Today, the battle route that was implemented during the time is illustrated on the memorial wall that stands on top of the temple’s remains.

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