Cultural and creative industry complex center to be built

2021-05-18 22:38:16

On May 18, Prime Minister L. Oyun-Erdene organized his regular morning meeting at the newly commissioned building of the National Cultural Heritage Center in Ulaanbaatar and held a discussion with the representatives from the creative cultural industry. 


At the meeting, Minister of Culture Ch. Nomin delivered a presentation ‘Mongolian Culture, Mongolian Wealth’ program aimed at developing creative cultural industry. Some of the measures and projects planned within the framework of the ‘Mongolian culture, Mongolian wealth’ include: 


-         To create favorable regulatory framework to ensure development of cultural creative industry, 

-         To build a Complex Center for Cultural and Creative Industry comprising of logistics network uniting more than 3,400 organizations and individuals engaged in cultural and creative production activities. With the help of the complex center and the logistics network, related production cost to be decreased, resulting in the growth of economic benefits and quality and speed of creative and arts output as well as enabling the industry’s stakeholders to share experiences with each other and providing them with more opportunities to grow further. Culture Minister Nomin introduced that the complex center will allow promotion of startup businesses and innovation system and create some 1,000 stable jobs. 


After the presentation, PM Oyun-Erdene pledged that the government will make every effort to implement the proposed comprehensive measures of ‘Mongolian Culture, Mongolian Wealth’. He said that necessary funding will be earmarked for the state budget, and corresponding government ministries and private sector will have to start working from now for Mongolia to become a filming location of one Hollywood movie before 2024. 


Moreover, the Prime Minister introduced goals to make at minimum five contents for Netflix and a comprehensive creative work under the theme ‘Naadam’ for Mongolia’s promotion aboard. He vowed that the government will provide support to improve legal framework and standards and other necessary assistance in this regard. 

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