Mongolia-China joint statement on strengthening cooperation in fighting against the pandemic

2021-07-30 10:31:27

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia B.Battsetseg, during her visit to the People's Republic of China on July 27, held official talks with State Councilor and Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China Wang Yi in Tianjin city. During the talks, the sides exchanged views on strengthening cooperation in fighting against the pandemic.

Highly valuing China’s great achievement in the fight against the pandemic, the Mongolian side expressed gratitude for the support provided by the China, including the donation of medical equipment, materials and vaccine, alongside sharing experience in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the coronavirus infection. Moreover, China thanked the Mongolian side for emotional and material support in the fight against the pandemic. The two sides also highly valued the fact that there have not been any COVID-19 cases transmitted between the two countries.   

The sides reached an agreement on the following issues:

The two sides will make an effort to achieve the common goal of continuously deepening the Mongolian-Chinese traditional friendship, comprehensive partnership relations, strengthening cooperation under the concept of overcoming hardships together, providing mutual support, fighting against the pandemic, stabilizing the economy, and protecting the livelihood of the peoples.

The sides will effectively take preventive measures against the pandemic and closely cooperate, alongside continuing to have no imported COVID-19 cases between the two countries.  Based on the solid foundation of сurrent bilateral cooperation, the sides will aim to strengthen cooperation in matters including vaccine providing, sharing practices and information related to the prevention, control, diagnosis, treatment of COVID-19 infections, collaborating in the field of public health and traditional medicine, and establishing a joint society for healthcare.

The two countries will strive to comprehensively accelerate efforts to restore bilateral economic and trade cooperation, fully utilize

the cooperation mechanism for taking preventive measures against the pandemic and ‘Green Gateway’ temporary regulation at the Mongolia-China border checkpoints, alongside creating the conditions to allow the entry of products, and stabilizing and improving economic and trade cooperation.

Eagerly discussing the establishment of a database for the exchange of information related to the fight against the pandemic, the sides will actively seek opportunities to restore the mutual travel of peoples in phases.

The sides will firmly support the multilateral ideology and international cooperation.