Weightlifter M.Ankhtsetseg finishes 4th at Tokyo Olympics

2021-08-03 09:56:02

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On August 2, State Honored Athlete M.Ankhtsetseg finished 4th place in the women’s -87 kg weight class in the weightlifting event at the Tokyo Olympics.

She successfully lifted a 110 kg snatch and a 142 kg clean & jerk. She then went on to request 147 kg for her final attempt, which would put her in 3rd place in the rankings. However, as she failed her attempt, Ankhtsetseg finished in 4th place. Despite being unsuccessful in having a medal-winning run in the Olympic event, she was able to show that she is one of the strongest contenders on the international level. 

The results of the women’s -87 kg weight class are as follows:

1. Zhouyu Wang (China) 120 kg + 150 kg = 270 kg

2. Tamara Yajaira Salazar Arce (Ecuador) 113 kg + 150 kg = 263 kg

3. Crismery Dominga Santana Peguero (Dominican Republic) 116 kg + 140 kg = 256 kg

4. M.Ankhtsetseg 110 kg + 142 kg = 252 kg

On the same day, IM E.Bilegsaikhan also completed her run in the women’s +87 kg weight class.


Despite failing her attempts for 86kg and 87kg in snatch, she successfully lifted 87 kg in her last attempt. As for clean & jerk, she was successful in all three attempts of 107 kg, 112 kg, and 116 kg. With this, the 22-year-old athlete finished her run with a total of 203 kg (87 kg + 116 kg). 

As for those who competed alongside Bilegsaikhan in Group B, Eyurkenia Duverger Pileta of Cuba lifted 225 kg and Anna Marie-Julienne A. Vanbellinghen of Belgium lifted 219 kg, with Scarleth Ucelo Marroquin of Guatemala lifting 207 kg.