Tsagaan Khad and Gashuunsukhait border checkpoints become green zone

2021-08-04 16:08:54

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. “Residential areas of Tsagaan Khad, Umnugobi aimag became an infection-free zone as zero new cases of coronavirus were reported in the region since June 29” said the Governor of Umnugovi aimag, R.Seddorj.

As the region has become a ‘Green Zone’, it was allowed to create the condition to run coal transportation normally, increasing the freight flow. Specifically, more than 80 vehicles carrying copper concentrate are crossing border regularly and 193 coal truck drivers are crossing the checkpoint today and over 100 drivers planning to cross the border checkpoint with China tomorrow. Authorities are cooperating with administration of Bayannur aimag, western part of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China,  to have 1000 vehicles crossing border per day in the future.

A wide range of measures was taken in the Gashuunsukhait border checkpoint with the aim of making the region an infection-free zone. In particular, the region was ensured with heightened security and traffic movement was completely banned alongside involving drivers in PCR testing and vaccinating them against infection. Moreover, 19 isolation facilities of 30 entities were regularly inspected as well as provided advice on ensuring infection control regime.

As a result of the measures taken by the officials, Tsagaan Khad residential area, Gashuunsukhait border checkpoint became an infection-free zone and coal transportation was increased, reports Emergency Commission of Umnugobi aimag.

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