Artificial intelligence and renewable energy specialists in high demand in Mongolia

2021-08-05 15:21:48

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. There have not been any changes in the list of occupations that are in high demand in Mongolia, reports the Educational Evaluation Center.


Approved by Government resolution No. 70 in 2020, the list was based on policy documents including ‘Vision-2050’, ‘Mid-term development plan for the education sector for 2021-2030’, various studies and research carried out internationally, and proposals put forth by ministries. In particular, reports released by the World Bank such as ‘Global Economic Prospects’, and ‘Learning’ as well as ‘Global Innovation Barometer’ report conducted by Edelman Data & Intelligence were taken into consideration.

Furthermore, the list was released on the grounds of studies carried out on professions that are expected to be in most demand globally by 2030 as well as in the future, in line with the goals and objectives of each sector.

Following professions involved in the most demanded professions list released by the Capital city Employment Agency:

• Marketing Manager,

• information technology, high-end chefs,

• construction, mining and auto engineers,

• cosmetic surgeon,

• architect,


• Project manager.