China Review Studio Presents UK-China Documentary Leading Audiences into A New Era of Eastern Science

2021-08-05 17:19:06

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A new science documentary Future Fantastic: China’s Science Revolution directed by British director Christopher Riley was recently broadcast on Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and Youku, one of the largest video platforms in China. The documentary was also featured on and Nature Magazine. First day online, it is already the most popular documentary on the Chinese platform.


This documentary tells the stories of China’s cutting-edge scientific achievements and profiles 15 Chinese scientists and engineers who are working at the top of their chosen fields in medicine, genetics, robotics, cosmology and planetary science, including Ouyang Ziyuan – chief scientist of Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, Lin Baojun – chief designer of BDS-3 Satellites, Weicheng Cui – first deputy chief designer of “Jiaolong”, Poo Mu-Ming – Leader of Brain Science and Brain-Like Intelligence Technology, and Jianwei Pan – “Father of Quantum”, etc. Not only have they achieved impressive results in their own fields, they have also become the innovative messengers connecting China and the world. Their fantastic achievements will not only shape the future of China, but also the future of mankind.


The series is presented by China Review Studio and co-produced by Crosswalk Films. Director Christopher Riley is a BAFTA and Emmy nominated British science writer and documentary filmmaker specializing in science, engineering, and history. He is also a member of the Royal Astronomical Society. He conceived and co-produced the Sundance-winning Ron Howard documentary In the Shadow of the Moon. When talking about why he chose to film China’s science and technology stories, Riley said: “Despite the years I’d spent making films about science and scientists, I had no idea of the names of many of the leading scientists and engineers who were pushing the frontiers of their fields in China. When the opportunity arose to tell their stories, I was very interested to find out who they were and to have the chance to help them share their work with a wider audience outside of China.”


As Mongolia and China continue to strengthen bilateral ties and cooperation and further promote the science and technology innovation action plan under the Belt and Road Initiative, this documentary helps to think about how Mongolia and China can better carry out win-win cooperation in science and technology.

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