Bulgan aimag to cooperate with Gyeonggi province of ROK

2021-10-21 13:05:46

Bulgan /MONTSAME/. Bulgan aimag established a Memorandum of Cooperation with Gyeonggi province of the Republic of Korea. Governor of Bulgan aimag B.Ariun-Erdene and Vice Chairman of the Gyeonggi Assembly Kim Won Ki signed the memorandum.

Matters such as involving students in courses, expanding cooperation between scouts, protecting the health of elders that have been reflected in the New Development Road action plan of the Governor of Bulgan aimag, and implementing the aimag’s ‘One Million Trees’ program have been included in the memorandum of cooperation.


Both sides agreed to pay attention to urgently carrying out the works reflected in the memorandum for its realization, reported the Governor’s Office of Bulgan aimag.