Coal being transported from Mongolia to be loaded onto trains at Gantsmod border checkpoint

2021-10-22 17:11:54

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A request has been put forth to the side of China for quickly organizing works to transport about 4,500 containers to be delivered to Mongolia that have accumulated at the Tianjin Port, reports Head of the Railroad and Maritime Transportation Policy Implementation and Coordination Department at the Ministry of Road and Transport Development B.Artur during a press conference on October 21.


During a meeting that took place between Minister of Road and Transport Development L.Khaltar and Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Mongolia on October 18, discussion took place for urgently transporting containers carrying goods that are soon about to expire and at risk of becoming frozen as well as medical tools and supplies. Furthermore, the two sides exchanged views on the transport of coal. As difficult circumstances have surfaced at some border checkpoints, it was decided to load the coal being transported from Mongolia onto Chinese trains at Gantsmod border checkpoint. Corresponding works are being carried out according to international freight agreements, said Head of the Auto Vehicle Policy Implementation and Coordination Department Yo.Jargalsaikhan.


He said, “There are a total of eight border checkpoints between Mongolia and the People’s Republic of China. However, four checkpoints are not being operated as of currently. At Gashuunsukhait border checkpoint, for example, infections were on the rise in June despite the strict measures that were implemented for infection control. As both truck drivers and staff at the border checkpoint tested positive, it was not possible to carry out normal operations. Fortunately, we were able to return the border checkpoint into a green zone by involving about 1,700 people in COVID-19 tests three times. As a result, the opportunity to normally carry out operations was created, and the daily amount of vehicles going through the checkpoint reached 380-415. If we are able to continue to keep the situation under control, the number of vehicles will be further increased, and coal transport will be carried out as normal.”

In aims of increasing the export of coal, a terminal for container transportation was recently put into operation. Preparations are underway to transport coal in containers alongside the current method of coal transportation.

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