‘ITM-2021’ tourism fair opens in Ulaanbaatar

2021-10-29 16:35:43

The ‘International Travel Mart (ITM) – 2021’ tourism fair is taking place at Misheel Expo in Ulaanbaatar between October 28 and 30. The 22nd edition of the ITM event, being organized by Mongolian Tourism Association is presenting tourist routes of 21 aimags with the goal of providing travellers with sufficient information to help them decide where to travel in the country next year. Representatives, comprising of 15-25 persons from all 21 aimags are taking part in the expo, presenting their products and services. Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Urtnasan Due to the spread of the coronavirus infection, our tourism sector has faced a deficit of MNT 1.6 trillion, with 93 percent drop in number of tourists, 15 percent of entities in the tourism sector closing down, and over 60 percent of the sector’s job opportunities being lost. In connection with it, other sectors that earn income with the help of the tourism sector also had setbacks in their operations. Thus, for the sector’s recovery, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and non-governmental organizations have jointly developed together a strategy to develop the tourism sector in the “new normal” condition. In 2019, 780 thousand people travelled through their home country, while the number of domestic travellers exceeded 1.2 million in 2020 and 2021. While the lakes of Uvs, Buir, Huvsgul, Ugii, and Terkhiin Tsagaan as well as the springs of Tsenkher and Hanui were some of the popular destinations, the Tsagaan Suvarga or White Stupa in Ulziit soum of Dundgobi aimag received the most visitors this year.

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