New kindergarten opens in 17th subdistrict of Bayanzurkh

2022-01-12 17:22:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ 35.6 thousand children of ages between 2 and 5 live in Bayanzurkh district. The district has 45 public and 145 private kindergartens, which are attended by 79 percent of kindergarten age children in the district. A study shows that 18 of the 171 subdistricts in the capital city have no kindergartens.

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Science, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the Governor’s Office of Bayanzurkh district, a kindergarten with a capacity of 100 children has been built in 17th subdistrict of Bayanzurkh district.

The new kindergarten will support the comprehensive development of children in a child-friendly environment.

UNICEF in collaboration with the Education Ministry in 2018 began developing a strategy for the development of children in the 17th subdistrict, which expanded to a district level strategy in 2019. As a result, parents have become more aware of the importance of health, nutrition, education, care and protection in the development of their children.