“It is possible to properly implement the right to information through truthful information”

2022-01-13 16:42:04

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On January 12, a discussion took place under the theme, ‘The Constitution and Press Freedom - 30 years’, involving representatives of legislators, press, and the civil society sector. The discussion was co-organized by the Parliamentary Office and the Press Institute.

At the start of the discussion, Speaker of the State Great Khural G.Zandanshatar, UN Resident Coordinator Tapan Mishra, and Executive Director of the Press Institute M.Munkhmandakh made online presentations. In his remarks, the Speaker noted how it has become necessary to renew the corresponding laws as press and media have gone through the phase of adapting to a free society, and are currently faced with technological advancements and a new generation of audience, and highlighted that certain measures will be taken in cooperation with journalists. 



During the discussion, Senior Advisor to the Speaker D.Lundeejantsan made a presentation on the development of democracy in Mongolia and the Constitution, which touched on principles relating to human rights and press and publishing as well as the participation of the press in protecting the Constitution. Furthermore, presentations were also done on topics such as the development of democratic journalism, press freedom and its legal environment during the digital era, and the freedom to voice opinions.



Head of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Innovation and Digital Policy, MP N.Uchral said in his presentation, “Press and media are no longer limited to TVs, radios, newspapers, and magazines in our current society with the digital environment. In comparison to certain countries in the region, Mongolia has not imposed any limits and restrictions for social media platforms, ensuring the right to inform and be informed online. According to the 2021 World Press Freedom Index released by Reporters Without Borders, Mongolia was ranked right behind Japan at 68th, which I consider to be proof for this statement. Although it may seem that the opportunity for every citizen to share information is a significant achievement as we become more active in the digital environment, it also creates a new issue that needs to be resolved. Freedom of press and freedom of speech should not damage others’ reputation and infringe upon their rights, especially the right to truthful information. For holding platforms accountable, measures such as a certain degree of censorship are needed in the digital environment. However, it is necessary to properly handle this matter as the freedom of press could be put in risk with misuse of power.”



At the end of the event, participants shared their suggestions and stance regarding the matter, reports the Media and Public Relations Department of the State Great Khural.