Mongolia-Belarus intergovernmental commission convenes

2022-02-28 12:16:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Mongolia-Belarus Intergovernmental Commission for trade and economic, scientific and technical cooperation held its 6th meeting on February 25. The meeting was chaired by Minister of Road and Transport Development of Mongolia L.Khaltar and Minister of Industry of Belarus Parkhomchik Petr Aleksandrovich.

The sides exchanged information on economic development and development policies and goals in the two countries and discussed strengthening bilateral trade, economic relations and cooperation in transport, agriculture, environment and education.

They evaluated the implementation of plans made at the commission’s previous meeting and the roadmap for the development of Mongolia-Belarus cooperation in 2019-2021, and identified actions to take in the future.

At the meeting, it was agreed to step up projects to be implemented under the export loan agreements established between the governments of Mongolia and Belarus in 2019, such as the projects on the renovation of apartment elevators in Ulaanbaatar and supply of agricultural equipment.

Both sides also decided to cooperate as part of the One Billion Trees campaign initiated by the President of Mongolia. The next meeting of the intergovernmental commission will take place in Minsk, Belarus in 2023.