Citizens to be involved in comprehensive diagnosis from May 1

2022-03-09 17:18:23

On March 8, Prime Minister of Mongolia L.Oyun-Erdene and Minister of Health S.Enkhbold worked at the National Maternal and Child Health Center and the center’s branch in Yarmag area. 

During the working visit, the Prime Minister became acquainted with the center’s online registrations as well as its surgical department, delivery and postpartum department, and radiology department. Despite the construction of the hospital launching in 2009, it was put into operation later in 2021 due to financing issues. Alongside offering healthcare assistance and services for mothers and newborns, the medical facility also provided treatment for COVID-19 patients by setting up 1,000 hospital beds during the peak of the pandemic. 

Nine operating rooms equipped with modern equipment have been recently opened. However, due to its distance from the city center, there are certain pressing issues concerning workforce such as lack of accommodation and insufficient kindergartens nearby. In response, the Prime Minister pledged to resolve the issues. 

Noting that the Government will be making an investment of a total of MNT 110 billion for the country’s maternal and child healthcare, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene said that special attention would be paid to renovating maternity hospitals nationwide, digitizing their operations, and bringing the hospitals up to global standards. As works to involve all Mongolian citizens in comprehensive diagnosis will be launched nationwide from May 1, he then tasked the sector’s authorities to ensure preparations.

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