49.66km bike path to be newly built

2022-03-11 15:42:29

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The capital city has a 90 km of bike paths so far and the Ulaanbaatar Road Development Department plans to build additional 49.66 km of bike path.

As the first part of the project, a 17.3 km bike path will be built between Nalaikh and Yarmag bridge, and a 16.6 km path from Gachuurt junction to Nalaikh-Choir junction.

In addition, the construction work is underway for 1.693 km bike path and pedestrian path from ‘Orgil’ Trade Center to Nalaikh-Choir junction.

As the second part of the project, the construction work to build 15.76 km path is at 30 percent. Bike paths will be built en routes Sapporo-Bayanburd junction, The Mongolian State University of Education-Eastern four-way intersection, Geser Monastery- Ankara street, Marshal bridge- Zaisan bridge along the Tuul River, East four-way intersection- Officers’ Palace, Tavan shar station-10th district.