Implementation of government action plan assessed at 74.5 percent

2022-03-29 15:18:03

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. At its meeting on March 28, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Industrial Policy held a discussion on the implementation of the general guidelines for the country’s development in 2021-2025, and the implementation of the Government Action Plan for 2020-2024.

The plan to implement the Government Action Plan for 2020-2024 was approved by the resolution No.203 dated December 09, 2020. During the meeting of the Standing Committee, Minister of Finance B.Javkhlan informed that the implementation of the action plan was assessed to be at 74.5 percent as of 2021.

In terms of policy, its implementation in dealing with socio-economic issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is currently at 88 percent, and human development policy is at 78.5 percent, while economic policy is at 70.9 percent, governance policy is at 76.6 percent, green development policy is at 65 percent, capital city and region, local development policy is at 79 percent, respectively.

Within the framework of nine goals and 47 objectives set out in the five-year general guidelines for the development of Mongolia in 2021-2025, a total of 243 works are planned to be carried out. In 2021, the progress of these works was at 79.3 percent on average in accordance with the procedure approved through Government resolution No.206 in 2020.

During the meeting, Minister of Finance B.Javkhlan also presented the major goals and measures being effectively implemented within the framework of the Government Action Plan and five-year general guidelines for the development of Mongolia in 2021-2025. In particular, the government paid a certain amount of utility bills (electricity, heating, and water bills) of households to provide support the people’s livelihood amid the pandemic. Moreover, monthly child allowance was raised to MNT 100 thousand, while a one-time cash grant of MNT 300 thousand was given to each citizen and MNT 50,000 was given to vaccinated citizens.

Since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations, 69.8 percent of the citizens in the capital city have received the first dose of the vaccine, while 66.8 percent have been fully vaccinated and 31.6 percent have received their third jabs. In addition, 3.4 percent of the country’s total population have received the fourth vaccine dose. A total of 36,330 Mongolian citizens have returned to their home country since repatriation works were launched.

A total of MNT 1.9 billion were given out as loans in order to support employment as part of the ‘MNT 10 trillion Comprehensive Plan for Health Protection and Economic Recovery’. Additionally, MNT 789.8 billion has been provided under repo financing loans, alongside MNT 925 billion in mortgage loans, and MNT 384.2 billion to support agriculture and herders.

In the past year, 40 kindergartens, 32 schools, 5 school gyms and 12 dormitories were commissioned. In addition, the capacity of the Fourth Thermal Power Plant was increased by 46 MW. Oyu Tolgoi’s underground mining operations have also commenced on January 22, 2022.   

With the integration of 562 public services into the E-Mongolia system, significant progress has been made in delivering public services without bureaucracy, making them more accessible, transparent and easy. 

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