Revival of Urban and Rural Areas: ‘New ring road’ to be established

2022-03-29 16:46:05

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. During the discussion on Revival of Urban and Rural Areasheld ahead of the Mongolian Economic Forum 2022, Governor of the Capital City and the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar D. Sumiyabazar announced that a total of 26 measures in nine types of operations are planned to be implemented in Ulaanbaatar city.

These include as follows:

  • With the expansion and renovation works of main road network, the traffic congestion index will be reduced by 15-20 percent and road capacity will be increased by 35 percent.
  • With the introduction of the unified smart system for traffic management and control, it will become possible to create a real-time information system of the traffic situation.
  • The introduction of a new type of high-capacity public transport will increase the number of passengers by 30 percent compared to 2020 and reduce traffic movement by 50,000-60,000 vehicles. 
  • Legal framework for tax incentives will be improved for entities that have taken measures to reduce congestion.

In its framework, ‘New ring road’ connecting city’s sub-centers will be established. Construction of a 71.5 km long ring road with 11 multi-level intersections will reduce traffic congestion by 15-20 percent.


For decentralization of the capital city, the construction work of sub-centers will be intensified alongside building basic infrastructure. Within this frame, it plans to complete the construction work of sub-centers being implemented with foreign loan and grant and establish four new sub-center and seven public centers.


Moreover, it plans to accelerate construction works of new residential areas, free economic zones and satellite cities. Governor D. Sumiyabazar emphasized that the comprehensive plan is being developed to solve the problems faced by not only Ulaanbaatar city but also rural areas within the framework of the Revival of Urban and Rural Areas policy.