Digitalization process for customs organization is currently at 80-90 percent

2022-03-30 15:53:49

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Ahead of the Mongolian Economic Forum 2022, discussions are taking place on six main topics for the New Revival Policy being implemented by the Government of Mongolia.

Deputy Minister of Finance of Mongolia S. Mungunchimeg was interviewed during the discussion Revival of Border Ports organized on March 28.

-The Ministry of Finance has announced that it would submit the bill on Public-Private Partnerships to the Parliament. What other laws related to business and economy will be revised?
-According to the preliminary estimation, MNT100-120 trillion will be required to implement development projects as part of the New Revival Policy. Such a large investment in the projects will be made by the international donors and foreign and domestic investors based on the partnerships of private sector. Thus, the Ministry is now ready to submit the bill on public-private partnership as well as the revised bill on tenders to the Parliament.

-Customs reforms have started in our country 2-3 years ago through the projects being implemented by the World Bank and other international organizations. What is the progress of the reform as of today?

Currently, the digitalization process for customs organization runs at 80-90 percent. The operations of the border professional inspection and customs have been united in order to harmonize operations of four organizations, eliminate the duplication of functions and facilitate trade.

-As for border port development, what works have been made so far?

Construction works are being carried out at border checkpoints of our country through the soft loan and non-refundable aid from China. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the progress of the works has slowed down, thus the construction work at Zamyn-Uud border checkpoint is currently at 60-70 percent. As for other border checkpoints bordering Russia, the construction works are being made with the ADBs soft loan. Furthermore, construction works will begin to establish two or three new ports, including Khangi, to create an export gateway. It will become possible to recover tourism industry once the pandemic situation eases.