Draft parliamentary resolution on transitioning to cost-saving mode to be developed

2022-04-12 17:08:02

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A working group, which was established by the order of the Speaker of the Parliament G.Zandanshatar, held a meeting on April 10.

During the meeting, the Parliament Speaker G.Zandanshatar stressed “Demands made by youth during the last week’s protest must be responded. They demanded the government to fulfil their duties for justice. I am proud of the new generation that united for their values by being apart from biased interests of others.”

The working group considered it is necessary to develop the draft resolution on saving budget and to have it discussed by the Parliament. The draft resolution will include as follows:

-to transition the 2022 budget to cost-saving mode and amend state budget if necessary;

- to take cost-saving measures at all levels of public organizations, cutting spending at least by 10 percent, monitoring structures and functions, eliminating duplications, and reducing the number of administration employees and related costs;

- to study an issue to raise excise duty on luxury goods and all types of alcohol and tobacco;

-to cut expenditures by way of transferring some functions of government organizations to the private sector, non-governmental organizations and professional associations, and digitalizing public services;

-to put aside the expenditures related to the major repairs, landscaping, purchase of equipment as well as consulting services as much as possible;

-to increase the income from taxes and dividends to be allocated to the state budget by means of reducing expenditures of state and local-owned enterprises and companies by at least 30 percent;

-to submit to the Parliament proposals on reorganization and liquidation of state and local-owned entities and organizations that are inefficiently functioning and have duplicated tasks.