President U.Khurelsukh gets acquainted with harvesting progress in agrarian regions

2022-09-29 13:23:25

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. President U.Khurelsukh has made a working trip to agrarian regions - Tov, Selenge and Darkhan-Uul aimags to get acquainted with the harvesting process and meet agrarians.

Tuv aimag provides 70 percent of the country’s total needs of potatoes and vegetables, and sowed wheat on 7,607 hectares, barley on 256 hectares, oats on 1,967 hectares, animal fodder on 1,824 hectares, oil plants on 6,429 hectares, and potatoes and vegetables on 238.4 hectares respectively.  Currently, the harvesting is running at 36 percent.

The agrarians expressed their support for the ‘Food Supply and Security’ movement initiated by the President. As it is difficult to sell potatoes and vegetables in the market, they also asked support for this issue.

Mongolia has set a goal to provide its domestic needs of 19 types of food products within the next five years. As a result, the cultivation of potato and vegetables has doubled this year. President U.Khurelsukh said that he would further support farmers in every way within the framework of the ‘Food Supply and Security’ national movement.

The President also got acquainted with the harvesting process of ‘Uguuj Mandal Uul’ LLC in Selenge aimag, where he visited the forest strips and tree nursery in the farming field.

In Selenge aimag, the grain harvesting is running at 32 percent, while potatoes and vegetables’ harvest is 60 percent. As of September 26, 55 thousand tons of wheat, 964 tons of fodder plants, 4 thousand tons of oil plants, 15 thousand tons of potatoes, and 20 thousand tons of vegetables were harvested.

The President also has worked in ‘Shine orchin trade’ LLC, ‘Uyug guril’ LLC and ‘Darkhan-Erdene meat factory’ LLC in Darkhan-Uul aimag. Darkhan-Uul aimag produces 4.2 percent of the country's crops, 4.4 percent of potatoes, and 18 percent of vegetables.

This year, the sowing was made to over 22 thousand hectares of land, including potatoes on 646 hectares, vegetables on 1,525 hectares, and animal fodder on 549 hectares. According to the preliminary balance, it is expected to harvest 46 thousand tons of crops.

In 2022, it is expected to harvest 330 thousand tons of wheat nationwide, which means that the country’s flour needs can be met domestically. Also, the country plans to prepare more than 480 thousand tons of meat, reserve over 350 thousand tons for domestic needs, and export more than 50 thousand tons.

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