Commemorative coins released for the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Japan and Australia

2022-11-10 10:57:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Bank of Mongolia has issued commemorative coins for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Japan, and Mongolia and Australia.

The opening ceremony to launch the coins themed, “Mongolia-Japan Diplomatic Relations 1972-2022” and “Mongolia-Australia Diplomatic Relations 1972-2022” took place at the Bank of Mongolia. The Ambassador of Japan to Mongolia, Kobayashi Hiroyuki, and the Ambassador of Australia to Mongolia, Katie Smith, participated in the ceremony. 

The two countries’ ambassadors expressed their gratitude to the Bank of Mongolia, the Treasury Fund of the Bank, the Government of Mongolia, and the artists who made the coins representing the relations between the three countries. Ambassador Kobayashi Hiroyuki extended congratulations on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the countries and emphasized that the coin, which portrayed the children of the two countries in their traditional costumes, fully represented and expressed the friendship and relations between the two countries.


Australian Ambassador Katie Smith, said, “We are grateful to work with the Bank of Mongolia, especially the many Mongolian and Australian alumni who contribute to this important institution.”


She indicated that 2022 is a historic year marking the half-century anniversary of friendly relations between Mongolia and Australia. “Our relations and cooperation are prospering in many fields, such as education, trade, investment, security, and people to people ties,” she added.


Moreover, she noted that many activities, such as the visit of the governments and consultation meetings at ministries, were held successfully for the anniversary of diplomatic relations this year, highlighting the fact that Mongolian students are studying in Australia on scholarships, and the commemorative coin is a clear expression of the firm and friendly relations between the two countries.


In addition, she expressed pleasure that her country’s close partner Japan is celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations with Mongolia, and many organized activities and implemented projects from Japan indicate close ties with Mongolia.


Governor of the Bank of Mongolia B. Lkhagvasuren gave an opening speech on the ceremony of commemorative coins and emphasized that the coins were usually issued in round shapes. Still, they are issuing in various forms along with technical and technological progress. He stated that the coins dedicated to the historic 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations are paper-like and plated and are being issued in banknotes.


The Central Bank Governor said diplomatic relations were officially established between Mongolia and Japan on February 24, 1972 and between Mongolia and the Commonwealth of Australia on September 15 of the same year.


In 1971, the Bank of Mongolia issued its first gold, silver, nickel, and brass coins to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the People’s Revolution. Since then, commemorative coins have been made and issued to promote Mongolia. For instance, coins of influential world people, famous political figures, Olympic medalists, endangered species, 12 year-animal have been released.


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