Decisions Made at Cabinet Session

2023-03-15 17:15:33

Ulaanbaatar, March 15, 2023 /MONTSAME/. During its regular session on March 15, 2023, the Cabinet made the following decisions: 

Five “W” Operations to Combat Corruption to be Intensified 

The Government of Mongolia has declared 2023 as the “Year to Combat Corruption" and started the five “W” operations to combat corruption. According to Mr. Nyambaatar, the Minister of Justice and Home Affairs and the Chair of the Working Group of the “Wasp” Operation, within the framework of the “Wasp” operation, overseas fugitives will be brought back to the jury according to the international agreements and Mongolian laws, ensuring the streamlined process of investigation. 

Within the scope of the “Whistleblowing” Operation, a bill on protecting whistleblowers who are reporting corruption and misconduct for public interests will be discussed at the spring session of the State Great Khural and required measures to reduce bureaucracy in public services and protect legitimate interests of individuals and private sectors will be taken. In pursuant to the No. 20 Ordinance of the Prime Minister, a working group, led by Deputy Minister of Justice and Home Affairs Solongoo, for the “Whistleblowing” operation was set up. The members of the working group work at the Government’s “11-11” center every Friday and meet with citizens.  Minister of Mongolia and Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Cabinet Mr. Amarbayasgalan was mandated to organize the “Wiping-out” and “Wealth” operations and Minister of Digital Development and Communication Mr. Uchral was tasked to be responsible for the “Wide-open” operation.

Moreover, the Prime Minister mandated the working groups in charge of five “W” operations to intensify their activities and present the results at the Cabinet meeting every month.

Certificate of Honor of the Government will be awarded to the team members who participated in humanitarian relief and search and rescue operations in Turkey.

The Cabinet decided to award the “Search and Rescue team”, led by Deputy Chief of the National Emergency Management Agency, Brigadier-General Mr. Uuganbayar, and the “Medical team” of the Ministry of Defense, led by Colonel Mr. Sukh-Ochir with the Certificate of Honor of the Government, recognizing their demonstration of skill, bravery, resilience, compassion, and humanity of Mongolians and honorably fulfilling their duties and responsibilities.

During the extraordinary session of the Government dated February 7, it was decided to send humanitarian aid to the people of the Republic of Turkey and the Syrian Arab Republic, who were affected by the deadly earthquake. On February 8 or 68 hours after the earthquake, the Mongolian search and rescue team of 41 members, including 24 rescuers from the NEMA and 11 officers from Mongolian armed forces, and some media representatives, landed in Hatay province, Turkey, and started participating in the rescue operations. 

In 10 days, the rescue team rescued 8 people from under the rubble of the building and took them to the health care facility, and the bodies of 19 people were handed over to the relevant authorities. With the help of their two search dogs, named Balu and Marta, they also located 45 bodies of people who lost their lives in the earthquake. The medical group, based on the local hospital, provided medical care to 649 people. In addition, five tons of meat, one ton of candles, 1000 blankets, and 20 complete Mongolian gers were sent to Turkey. The gers were built and handed over to the Turkish side with other humanitarian aid.

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