The Hu Shares New Acoustic Version of Single "Bii Biyelgee"

2023-05-10 14:48:02

Ulaanbaatar, May 10, 2023 /MONTSAME/. Mongolian Rock Band, The Hu, has been whetting listeners’ appetites with new music videos and updated tracks from their upcoming deluxe edition of the 2022 album "Rumble of Thunder." 

The band has recently unveiled an acoustic version of their upbeat single "Bii Biyelegee," which honors the traditional Mongolian dance style known as "biyelgee." 

Via Better Noise Music, the deluxe edition of the album "Rumble of Thunder" was set to be released on June 30, including the original track listing along with seven new bonus tracks. Four of these tracks will be acoustic renditions, while the remaining three will be newly recorded songs featuring guest appearances from rock’s top musicians. The album's new guest tracks include "This Is Mongol" featuring William DuVall of Alice in Chains and "Black Thunder" featuring Serj Tankian and DL of Bad Wolves.  

"Rumble of Thunder" by The Hu has brought global attention to Mongolian culture and its essential values, which include the preservation of nature and a strong spiritual connection with the earth as poignantly showcased on the eco-conscious single Mother Nature. The Hu is committed to upholding these morals and has recently announced their collaboration with the environmental institution SHAMBALE2056 Engineering Campus LLC to plant 12 thousand Siberian Elm trees in the shape of their logo in the Southeastern region of Mongolia.