Japanese Tourists Interested in "Playtime" Festival

2023-05-18 13:52:09

Ulaanbaatar, May 17, 2023 /MONTSAME/. In line with the Mongolian Government's declaration of 2023-2025 the "Years to Visit Mongolia," the "Mongolia-Japan Tourism Forum-2023" took place in Tokyo, Japan on May 15-16.


The forum aimed to revive the tourism sector after the pandemic and expand the cooperation between the two countries in the sector. Over 100 representatives from Mongolian and Japanese tour operators attended the forum.


Japanese tour operators expressed their interest in nomadic culture and modern festivals, as well as the pristine beauty of Mongolia. Specifically, they highlighted attractions such as crystal clear diamond dews, constellations of a billion stars, the vast expanse of Gobi, and the endless steppes. The Japanese tour operators requested detailed information on domestic flights in Mongolia in addition to direct flights in route Mongolia and Japan, offered by MIAT and Aero Mongolia as well as prices of hotels, camps, and meals. 


Japanese tourists are willing to visit Mongolia during winter to experience the cold and the Gobi, as it closely resembles Mars. 


Furthermore, the Japanese side expressed their aspiration for discovering modern music trends in Mongolia and inviting hip-hop artists and live bands from Mongolia to perform in Japan. Additionally, they are passionate about attending the "Playtime" international music festival and developing sports tourism between the two countries, organizing Mongolia-Japanese joint football training in Mongolia. 


As part of the “Years to Visit Mongolia,” Mongolia anticipates receiving 100 thousand tourists from Japan. 

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