Khamba Lama D. Choijamts: Despite Differences World Religions Offer the Same Prayer for Humanity

2023-09-03 19:02:38

Ulaanbaatar, September 3, 2023 /MONTSAME/On September 3, 2023, as part of His Holiness Pope Francis' State Visit to Mongolia, an Ecumenical and Interreligious Meeting was held at the Hun Theatre in Ulaanbaatar, bringing together leaders and representatives of different religious institutions operating in Mongolia.


D. Choijamts, the Supreme Leader of Mongolian Buddhism and Khamba Lama of Gandantegchilen Monastery said, “I believe that although the world’s major religions, such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, have different philosophical views, we have prayers and activities in common for the same aim, the welfare of humanity. In the 21st century, humankind reached tremendous progress in information and technology, which testifies intellectual development of humankind. But in the shadow of this progress, there is a potential risk for humanity to lose important inner values, such as loving-kindness, compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness. Therefore, we have to work to fill the void in the minds of the people with these inner values in order to create a humane and compassionate society.


Head of the Holy See Pope Francis noted, “In terms of that religious quest, humanity can be compared to a band of wayfarers treading the earth with eyes lifted to heaven. A traveler from afar once observed that here in Mongolia he saw “nothing but the sky and earth.” I am happy to be with you for this significant moment of encounter. The fact that we are meeting together in one place already sends a message: it shows that religious traditions, for all their distinctiveness and diversity, have impressive potential for the benefit of society as a whole. If the leaders of nations were to choose the path of encounter and dialogue with others, it would certainly be a decisive contribution to ending the conflicts continuing to afflict so many of the world’s peoples. The beloved Mongolian people have made it possible for us to come together for our mutual enrichment, for they can vaunt a history of coexistence between the followers of various religious traditions.” Furthermore, His Holiness pointed out that Kharkhorum, the ancient imperial capital, was impressive because it housed places of worship belonging to different creeds within its walls, exemplifying a commendable harmony.


Khamba Lama D. Natsagdorj of Manba Datsan Monastery highlighted, “Today's interreligious meeting is a sign of a good time. Mongolia is a country, which tightly embraced democracy and market economy. His Holiness Pope Francis's visit to Mongolia is a testament to humankind's eternal wish for peace, harmony, and happiness. We must give our support to those who selflessly devote their time and energy to peace and the well-being of humanity. I hope that the Visit of Pope Francis to our country will intensify interreligious cooperation.”


The State Visit of Pope Francis, the Head of the Holy See, to Mongolia is a testament to Mongolians' consistent efforts to build peace throughout her history. Even today representatives of Shintoism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Shamanism, and other religions continue to demonstrate the possibility of peaceful coexistence of many different religions in Mongolia. In the past, we used to meet every year. Pope Francis has convened us all again, which shows that unity can be declared in Mongolia,” said M. Erdenechimeg, Member of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of Mongolia.


Missionary Sr. Lucilla Abemwe - “I am a Catholic nun. I arrived in Mongolia in 2000. Then, I became acquainted with other religions, such as Buddhism and Shamanism. We are all God's beloved children, regardless of our religion. Therefore, I work not only with Catholics but also with other members of greater religious family. We must work together, regardless of our religious beliefs. If people ask me about my religion, I am happy to explain it to them. We should come together to ensure unity.”

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