Pax Mongolica and the Visit of Pope Francis

2023-09-03 19:25:51

Ulaanbaatar, September 3, 2023 /MONTSAME/. His Holiness Pope Francis, who is on a State Visit to Mongolia at the invitation of the President of Mongolia Khurelsukh Ukhnaa, addressed the public on Saturday and emphasized several times Pax Mongolica, a historical concept of the Mongols calling for Peace in the world.

Specifically, the Pope stressed that Mongolia is playing a pivotal role not only in the heart of Asia but also in the international arena with its efforts to promote human rights and peacebuilding. Moreover, Pope Francis highlighted the policy of the Mongolian government declaring to the world its nuclear-weapon-free status and strong position on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Noting that Mongolia is not only a democratic country with a foreign policy that values peace but also a country with a goal to contribute to world Peace, Pope Francis dedicated his prayers to global peace freed from conflicts and that the international laws and norms prevail as it was firmly established under Pax Mongolica or "Great Peace of the Mongol".

Back in the 13th century, the Great Mongol Empire established peace around the world and proclaimed the idea of PAX MONGOLICA. The historical accounts emphasize "The travels from East to West and from West to East on the territory under the control of the Great Mongol Empire, would pass without any obstacles and even a caravan of 10 camels loaded with gold, would reach the destination safely." The facts prove there was a period when the world was peaceful and free from fear, wars, and conflicts.

In particular, Pax Mongolica was the central theme of the celebration of the 860th anniversary of the birth of Great Chinggis Khaan in 2022, and the 12th International Congress of Mongolists in 2023. The PAX MONGOLICA was embraced by His Holiness Pope Francis, Head of the Holy See and the spiritual leader of about 1.4 billion Catholics in the world during his visit to Mongolia. The Pope called to end the wars and conflicts. He also called for peaceful coexistence for all nations and peoples. At an interreligious meeting held in Ulaanbaatar on Sunday, in which representatives of many religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Shamanism participated, all the religious leaders came together to declare the messages and calls for peace and harmony. 

UKRINFORM agency of war-ridden Ukraine emphasized, "Pope Francis, during his visit to Mongolia on Saturday, September 2, called on the world to build a "Great Peace of Mongolia". This is just one of the many voices that support Pope Francis' call for PAX MONGOLICA or Great Peace of Mongolia and other initiatives and actions that aim to consolidate Peace around the world.  In this context, Mongolia is realizing the PAX MONGOLICA, inherited from its ancestors in the 21st century, and is becoming a leader in the idea of Peace. Pope Francis underlined Mongolia as a champion to build and promote Peace. These messages coincide with UN Secretary-General General Antonio Guterres' high appraisal of Mongolia as a symbol of Peace when the latter visited Mongolia in 2022.

"Just as the Mongolians say "The clouds will move away and the skies will clear'' May the dark clouds of war disappear through the desire to live side by side as brothers everywhere in the world and conflicts be resolved through dialogue, and everyone's basic rights be strengthened", said Pope Francis.

There is a wonderful verse in ancient Buddhist teachings that has exactly the same meaning will what Pope Francis said above. It is:

All who fight with weapons

Let them greet each other with flowers..", to which Mongolians respond “Let the wish come true”.

I conclude by quoting Pope Francis' prayer: "I pray from this country with a rich history and blessed by Heaven, that Heaven bestows Peace. Let us do our best to install Peace on our planet."

All Mongolians support this call of His Holiness Pope Francis.

photo by Ts.Gan-Ulzii

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