E-Mongolia Expands Services

2023-11-15 12:35:47

Ulaanbaatar, November 13, 2023 /MONTSAMEPrime Minister Oyun-Erdene Luvsannamsrai met with the team of the unified digital platform of public services E-Mongolia on November 13, 2023. He expressed gratitude to the engineers and colleagues from E-Mongolia Academy for their professionalism and dedication in developing the system.

Director General of E-Mongolia Academy Myagmarnaran Bavuujav briefed about updates of the E-Mongolia 4.0 platform. "Besides E-Mongolia, we are responsible for the development of 29 state systems, including KHUR, DAN, erp e-Mongolia, lavlagaa.mn, docx.gov.mn, digital signature system, notification delivery system, and opendata.gov.mn. We adhere to the principle of cooperation with the private sector, not competition. 329 organizations out of 462 that use KHUR information exchange system, for example, are private entities. In the future, there is a need to launch a national campaign to enhance the e-skills of the population. Today, the e-skills rate in Mongolia is 48.3 percent. As part of the E-Mongolia 4.0, we are working to introduce a unified payment system next year."


 The e-Mongolia team was tasked to make further updates to the system, taking into account the opinions of citizens and paying special attention to e-transition in the health sector. Prime Minister L. Oyun-Erdene emphasized the need for cooperation with the Capital City Governor's Office in solving city problems such as public transportation and public services. During the meeting, proposals to create a unified Mongolian network, introduce a payment system, and use artificial intelligence (AI) in E-Mongolia 4.0 were put forward.


With the application of AI, E-Mongolia 4.0 is focused on increasing the number of services and simplifying their usage to enable improved and accessible services. In the future the government will be in charge of carrying out calculations, standards, and modeling of a system and the private sector will be responsible for system development," stated Uchral Nyam-Osor, Minister of Digital Development and Communications of Mongolia.

The participants noted the lack of professional personnel, high workload, and low wages, as well as the need to improve working conditions. The representatives from public organizations emphasized the importance of providing e-services, updating the system, ensuring cross-sectoral coordination, and increasing investment while paying special attention to information security.

At the end of the meeting, Prime Minister L. Oyun-Erdene noted that public organizations should run proper management rather than compete with the private sector in system development and implementation. He pledged to support the initiatives to improve working conditions for engineering and technological personnel and establish an e-office, run a national campaign to enhance the e-skills of the population and update the e-Mongolia 4.0 system.

The proposals from the meeting are to be discussed at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The E-Mongolia 1.0 system was launched on October 2, 2020, and offered 181 services from 23 public organizations. Presently, 1,106 services from 86 organizations have been integrated into E-Mongolia. The system has now 1.7 million users offering 36.5 million public services online and people have saved MNT 706.9 billion.

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