National Risk Forum Taking Place Involving All Stakeholders

2023-11-20 16:52:16

Ulaanbaatar, November 15, 2023 /MONTSAME/. Under the auspices of Deputy Prime Minister of Mongolia Amarsaikhan Sainbuyan, the National Risk Forum is taking place at the State Palace on November 20-22, 2023. 


Jointly organized by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, the National Emergency Management Agency of Mongolia, the Mongolian Agency for Standard Metrology, and the Mandal Financial Group, the Forum brought together over 1500 representatives from government and non-governmental organizations and media in Ulaanbaatar city and 21 aimags, as well as international organizations including UN Food and Agriculture Organization, UNICEF, UN Population Fund, World Health Organization, and Mongolian Red Cross Society. 


In his opening remarks, Deputy Prime Minister Amarsaikhan said, “This year, the National Risk Forum is being held under the theme “Risk and Standard.” Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, represents a lack of standards. While a standard capital city typically houses 7-14 percent of the country's total population, Ulaanbaatar is home to 50 percent of the population, exceeding the norm by 3.5 to 7 times. Adherence to standards is not the issue of a single agency or industry. It is a crucial part of ensuring an entire nation. In places where standards are adhered to, there develops a peaceful and prosperous society. Conversely, where standards collapse, danger prevails, unemployment and poverty escalate, and development stagnates. Standards are the bedrock for sustainable development, fostering mutual trust, responsible performance, effective monitoring, and positive outcomes.” 


“Mongolia has more than 6000 standards. It is not a small number. More than 700 standards are in the healthcare sector alone. During my tenure as Governor of the Capital City and the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, I have brought up the issue of implementation of the standards at all levels and updating standards to make them meet modern approaches. Now, as Deputy Prime Minister and a Member of the Government in charge of Disaster Management, I aspire to achieve more practical outcomes in the implementation of standards in all sectors. Within the framework of the development and implementation of the National Program "Standards and Development," I have launched the "One Country - Integrated Standards" National Campaign,” the Deputy Prime Minister continued. 

On the first day of the Forum, a plenary session was held with the participation of representatives of the government and non-governmental organizations, international organizations, academic and research institutions, businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, media organizations, and other stakeholders. 


The issues of development policies and vision, taking into consideration climate change impacts and disaster risk assessment, and strengthening disaster preparedness based on lessons learned from the past will be discussed on the second day.

On the third day, representatives from government organizations, non-governmental organizations, media outlets, enterprises, universities, academic research institutions, and media organizations will discuss the policies, legal framework, and standards needed to reduce risks, affecting the creation of a healthy and safe environment. 

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