2024 Budget of Ulaanbaatar under Discussion

2023-11-30 17:20:07

Ulaanbaatar, November 30, 2023 /MONTSAME.  The Citizens' Representative Khural of Ulaanbaatar held its meeting on November 30, 2023, to discuss the draft of the 2024 budget, the implementation of the capital's land management plan for 2023, and the land management plan for 2024. In addition, proposals on determining tax rates on immovable property and renewing the capital tax rate are under discussion.


According to the Governor of the Capital City Nyambaatar Khishgee, the budget revenue of Ulaanbaatar city drafted to be MNT 1.9 trillion and the expenditure to be MNT 1.1 trillion.  MNT 230.3 billion will be accumulated to the state budget in accordance with Article 56.2.2 of the state Budget Law of Mongolia and MNT 47.8 billion will be distributed from the Local Development Fund.


 Current expenses make up 46.3 percent of the total budget expenditures. It will be spent on:

• wages and social insurance contributions for 7,087 civil servants in 109 organizations in the capital in connection with an increase in salaries of civil servants in line with rising inflation,

• allowances for civil servants and employees of cultural institutions working in three remote districts,

• compensation of free travel expenses on public transport for pensioners, citizens with disabilities, university students, and students of vocational training centers in accordance with relevant laws,

• financing the difference in the cost of a car per hour for public transport services and for city maintenance.


Governor Nyambaatar emphasized that under the Budget Law of Mongolia, the draft 2024 budget was endorsed for public consultation, and citizens' opinions were reflected in the draft. In the open discussion organized on November 20, about 250 citizens from 9 districts took part, and over 630 proposals were received.

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