Mongolian Sculpture Takes Top Prize at International Snow Sculpture Contest

2024-02-13 15:08:11

Ulaanbaatar, February 13, 2024 /MONTSAME/. On February 7, 2024, a Mongolian talented team claimed the Grand Champion at the prestigious 48th International Snow Sculpture Contest, held as part of the 74th Sapporo Snow Festival, with their sculpture titled “Numur” [The Lee].

 The team comprises of members of the Union of Mongolian Artists B. Sodnomdarjaa, B. Ganbaatar, and A. Batzorig participated in the Contest for the second time.

"Mongolians have a tradition of hanging a felt fox over a baby’s crib, believing that the fox protects babies from evil because it is a cunning animal. The Lee snow sculpture depicts a fox protecting a little boy from a blizzard as a mountain, a home to stay warm in, and a loving mother. We hope the peacefully sleeping fox and boy under the softly snowing Sapporo sky will bring peace to the audience, " wrote in the artist's statement of the snow artwork.

The 48th International Snow Sculpture Contest brought together snow sculptors from nine countries, including Mongolia, South Korea, the USA, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.