Mongolian Speaker holds official talks with Chair of Federal Council of Russia

2015-09-22 14:44:48

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ With an official visit to the Russian Federation, the Speaker of parliament Mr Z.Enkhbold Monday held official talks with Ms Valentina Matviyenko, the Chair of the Russia’s Federal Council, in Moscow.

Ms Matviyenko thanked our Speaker for visiting Russia and expressed a satisfaction with meeting again with him, after her visit to Mongolia last year. She congratulated Mongolia on successfully hosting the 2015 Autumn Session of the OSCE PA, underlining that this event has raised Mongolia’s reputation at international arena.

Ms Matviyenko emphasized that boosting of the strategic partnership with Mongolia has been one of the priorities of Russia's foreign policy. Mongolia is a friendly neighbor of Russia, moreover, our  countries have developed their multilateral cooperation based on long-year good neighborhood, she said, noting that Russia wants to broaden the cooperation with Mongolia within the foreign policy. There are few problems where the two countries have not reached a consensus including a matter of real estate, "I wish they are tackled soon through a parliamentary line", she said.

Ms Matviyenko went on that it is necessary to intensify the bilateral commercial and economic ties and to make them multilateral because there are no big projects in the investment sector and indicators of the bilateral trade and economic cooperation have been declining, as statistics say, she explained.

While emphasizing a meaning of the inter-parliamentary ties in widening of the whole bilateral ties, she noted that these inter-parliamentary ties as well as the relations between Standing committees and Citizens’ Councils must be refined.

Ms Matviyenko said the two countries have several opportunities to expand the cooperation, and added Russia is ready to increase the electricity supply to Mongolia.

“It is necessary to boost the trade and economic relations at international arena. I am pleased with the two countries' joining the Eurasian Economic Memorandum, and I hope this will increase our trade turnover,” Ms Matviyenko said.

The Federal Council Chair Matviyenko also said Russia highly values the assistance Mongolia gave to the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War, and emphasized that the participation of Mongolian troops in the military parade for the 70th anniversary of the Victory was inportant.

In response, Mr Enkhbold thanked Ms Matviyenko for the warm audience and said that a developing of friendly, traditional and good neighborhood relations with the Russian Federation is one of the priorities of Mongolia’s foreign policy. He underlined an importance of enriching the bilateral strategic partnership with realistic contents. High-level mutual visits which have been regularizing recently have given big impetus to our relations, he said.

Supporting an idea of increasing the parliamentary monitoring over the government, Mr Enkhbold said the real estate matter between the two countries shows how sluggish the executive body is, and said he will pay big attention to this.

About Mongolia's export of products to Russia, the Speaker said the tariff issue is putting obstacles in a supply of meat products, leather clothes and other products to Russia, "this needs a creation of good conditions". 

In addition, the Speaker said Mongolian parliament intends to ratify protocols on amending the Mongolia-Russia intergovernmental agreements on the joint ventures such as the “Erdenet” Mining Corporation, the Ulaanbaatar Railway and Mongolrostsvetmet.

The Speaker said the visa-free agreement between the two countries significantly contributed to the inter-citizen ties, and expressed a willingness of Mongolia to augment a quota of Mongolian students to study in Russia with scholarships and to collaborate in researches.

After this the two dignitaries exchanged views on the bilateral cooperation in politics, trade, education spheres, regional and international issues.

Present at the officials talks were N.Batbayar, a member of the Mongolia-Russia inter-parliamentary group; S.Odontuya, G.Uyanga, B.Choijilsuren MPs; A.Gansukh, an advisor to the Speaker; and other officials.