PM: 128.5 thousand tons of meat will be exported

2015-10-02 18:36:36

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Prime Minister Ch.Saikhabileg made a statement at the plenary meeting of parliament on Friday about a winter preparation, stressing that the cabinet is paying special attention to this year’s winter preparation, "as it has been said that the Years of the Monkey had brought difficulties to the agricultural sphere, particularly to livestock".

Snow is expected in the most regions this December against an average of many years, he noted. Central region and distant localities have been coordinating their preparation with this forecast. As a result, hay-making is underway with 65.9 percent, a preparation of animal fodder with 63 percent so far.

The cabinet has budgeted 2.0 billion MNT for purchasing and distributing emergency fodder and hay to remote localities prone to winter difficulties, he said.

According to the autumn and winter prognosis, pastures are sufficient in 60 percent of the total territory of Mongolia, while they have many times’ exceeded pressure in 40 percent.

Harvesting will complete this month, he said. As estimated, 128.5 thousand tons of meat will be exported this year.

In accordance with the government resolution, 180 billion MNT of credit funding has been resolved for providing meat reserve and increasing export-targeted meat production. The authorities have been forwarding a cooperation with associated agencies of China and Russia in order to enhance the meat export, the PM said.

After the statement, MPs asked him to attach a great importance to the wintering, as it is vital for the society and economy in times of financial difficulties.