B.Rinchen’s works compiled in several books

Society | Education
2015-11-25 18:57:06

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences hosted November 25 a release ceremony for nine books dubbed “Compendium of academic works of prominent scholar B.Rinchen”.

The National Council on Mongolian Studies under the auspices of the Prime Minister has compiled academic works by Byambyn Rinchen in nine volumes, as the start of realization of their goal to codify the “Legacy of Mongolian Studies Heritage”.

This November 21 was the 110th birth anniversary of the renowned linguist, translator, scientist and Mongolist B.Rinchen. Scholars’ team led by Dr E.Purevjav of the Institute of Language and Literature of the Academy of Sciences authored the compendium, classifying his academic researches by the different fields of Mongolian studies. The nine volumes have been edited by senior professor at the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture S.Dulam.

B.Rinchen’s grandson B.Denzen said, “Most of our grandfather’s books were never released in Mongolia, as he had some contradictions with the ruling government. When I was little, his works had been published in India, West Germany, France, Poland and Hungary. Disseminating his works in Mongolia had been a rather difficult deed. Our family, his descendants, is delighted with this publication of his works on the occasion of his 110th birthday”.

The National Council on Mongolian Studies has planned to publish works of Sh.Luvsanvandan, Ts.Damdinsuren and Kh.Perlee in 2016.