Jack Weatherford: This is the century that Mongolia can help the world move closer to the dream of Chinggis Khaan

2022-11-24 17:35:17

The Supreme Decoration of the Mongolian State, the Order of Chinggis Khaan, acceptance speech by Jack Weatherford,


“Thank you, Mr. President and Distinguished Officials of Mongolia.


The greatest heroes of history have always been the lawmakers.  Shakyamuni the Buddha, gave us the Dharma of Enlightenment, the Wheel of Law.  Confucius devised the civil law of the family and state.  Moses gave God’s laws of behavior to the Jews.  Jesus spread the law to the Christians, and the final prophet Muhammad ended the era of great religious law givers.


Chinggis Khaan did not start a new religion.  Instead, he gave the law of the Eternal Blue Sky granting freedom to all religions.  Each religion was like one finger of God, and the Eternal Blue Sky united all of them into one -- into one dream of a united and peaceful world.  The world today is still struggling to achieve that goal.  We are now in the ninth century of the struggle to fulfill Chinggis Khan’s law and dream of the Great Mongolian Peace.


Nine is the most auspicious of numbers.  This is the century that Mongolia can help the world move closer to the dream of Chinggis Khaan.  Mongolia is the center of world history, the homeland of Chinggis Khaan, and you are the guardians of his memory and legacy.  I am deeply honored that you allow me to join you in your great work.


As I flew to Mongolia this week, I watched out the airplane window as we passed Khentii, I knew in my heart that this was how the land looked on the day that Mother Hoelun brought her child into the world.  The Eternal Blue Sky itself welcomed her child with a pure white hadag of snow placed across this country from end to end.


I thank you, and I pray:  May the Golden Light of the Eternal Blue Sky forever bless this Sacred Nation of Chinggis Khaan.


Энэ бол Чингисийн төрсөн нутаг

Монголын сайхан орон”


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