Speaker receives Irkutsk Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly

2017-11-14 13:41:08
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Speaker M.Enkhbold met delegation of Legislative Assembly of Irkutsk region, led by Sergey Brilka, the Assembly Deputy Chairman on November 13.

At the meeting Speaker M.Enkhbold expressed his satisfaction with development of historical bilateral relations at strategic partnership level and he noted that the legislative bodies need to pay special attention on facilitating conditions and broadening commercial and economic ties by improving legal environment. Moreover the Speaker considers it proper to update cooperation agreement between Mongolian Parliament and Irkutsk Legislative Assembly which was established in 2008 and to enrich the cooperation with new content through widening inter-parliamentary relations.

Mr.S.Brilka said “I wish that our visit open new page in inter-governmental and inter-parliamentary cooperations. Irkutsk has been a cooperation bridge between the two countries. Strengthening it and giving a stimulus to the cooperation is our aim”. Moreover he underlined the Irkutsk Legislative Assembly gives significance to the Irkutsk Investment Agency in Ulaanbaatar which was officially opened during the Mongolia-Russia Economic forum last October.  He expressed his hope that the agency, investment fund and micro credit fund will give support to the collaboration of businessmen of Mongolia and Irkutsk city.

The Irkutsk Legislative Assembly adopted several legislations in directions of providing favorable legal environment. Particularly, companies and joint entities that made investment in Mongolia will enjoy tax relief, noted Mr. S.F.Brilka.

The parties also discussed on broadening historical relations in education sector further and Mr.Sergey Brilka expressed their readiness to educate Mongolian students at honored universities such as Irkutsk State University and the Technical University. Moreover they touched issues relating to a hydropower station on ‘Eg’ river, cooperation in  environment and energy sectors as well as facilitating customs service.