Bill on Ulaanbaatar city budget 2018 publicly discussed

2017-11-20 16:56:13
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A bill on Ulaanbaatar city budget 2018 was put into a public discussion on November 20.Representatives of citizens of nine districts gathered  and heard present situation of finance and budget of the city.

During the discussion, E. Gankhuu, head of the Finance and State Fund Department, Governor Office of Ulaanbaatar city, said: “In regard with an approval of the Law on State Budget 2018, a Governor of the capital city plans to reflect opinions of citizens in the bill on Ulaanbaatar city budget 2018.”  

“According to the Law on Budget, the bill on Ulaanbaatar city budget was worked out and submitted to the Finance Ministry. A total revenue of Ulaanbaatar city was projected to be MNT729.9 billion, with an increase of 13 percent against the previous year. The budget bill must be submitted to the Citizens’ Representatives’ Meeting within legal term or before November 25 and must be approved by December 5,” he added.

Revenue worth MNT208.5 billion will be accumulated to the state budget from the capital city, while MNT16.3 billion will be allocated to Ulaanbaatar from the Unified Local Development Fund. 

According to the Bill, a re-planning of ger area will continue next year and the required financing has been budgeted to build engineering lines in 75 parts of 24 locations. It plans to make road maintenance works in some places, such as Sonsgolon and Yarmag bridges, Nalaikh and Choir. A constructional work of apartments for 1,002 households will commence. Moreover, water reservoirs and engineering lines will be built in Bayankhoshuu, Tolgoit, Khandgait, Shargamorit, Dari-Ekh and Gachuurt areas with MNT2 billion-worth non-refundable assistance of China.  
M. Unurzul