Mongolia to introduce Italian technology

2017-11-22 13:19:39
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ On November 17, Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Minister B. Batzorig met Andrea de Felip, Ambassador of Italy.

During the meeting, the Minister expressed his commitment to pay a special attention on developing active cooperation in food, agriculture and light industrial sectors of the two countries.

Mongolia is home to 25 million goats that produce 9,400 tons of cashmere per year. It means Mongolian cashmere makes up about 40 percent of the world market. For this reason, the sector aims at processing raw materials thoroughly, producing value-added products and exporting to world market. Italy is well known with its advanced light industry equipment and machinery, such as combing and spinning wool and cashmere.

In this regard, the Minister requested a financial support to introduce Italian technology and equipment into Mongolia’s light industry and SMEs. The Ambassador accepted the request and pledged to study this issue.
M. Unurzul