‘Investor Nation’ JSC becomes public company

2017-12-15 17:00:00
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The market opening ceremony for ‘Investor Nation’ JSC was organized at the Mongolian Stock Exchange opening the MSE’s 5,620th trading session on December 15.

According to the Resolution No225 of Financial Regulatory Commission dated 24 September 2017, the ‘Investor Nation’ Closed Joint Stock Company merged with MSE listed ‘Jinst Uvs’ JSC, hence becoming a public company.
Present at the ceremony were  Kh.Altai, CEO of MSE, Ch.Gankhuyag, Chairman of ‘Investor Nation’ JSC, and B.Tamir, CEO of ‘Investor Nation’ JSC.

On January 9, 2016, ‘Investor Nation’ Closed Joint Stock Company was founded with 560 registered founders, using the crowdfunding method for the first time in Mongolia. The company that has over 900 investors is working with the vision of establishing a commercial bank.

During the ceremony, ‘Investor Nation’ JSC expressed their mission to involve Mongolian Banking sector in the global data revolution, cooperating with Ard Financial Group whose 7 percent stake is held by the ‘Investor Nation’ JSC.
Source: Mongolian Stock Exchange