Mongolia, Russia and China discuss Eastern Railway Corridor

2018-01-23 13:01:47
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Ulaanbaatar is hosting a consultative meeting between Mongolia, Russia and China themed ‘The Eastern Railway Corridor – Development of the Region and the Mining’ on January 22-23.

The Ministry of Road and Transport Development in cooperation with Mongolian Railway Company is organizing the international meeting with support from the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry and Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

The international meeting agenda revolves around Eastern Railway Corridor, one of the 32 projects projected in the Mongolia-Russia-China Economic Corridor Program, and is expected to play an important role in not only the development of Mongolia, but also of the Northeast Asian region.

Minister of Road and Transport Development J.Bat-Erdene delivered opening remarks and said, “Not only can Mongolia efficiently connect its two neighbors, the route is also the shortest gateway connecting Asia with Europe,” emphasizing the relevance of the Trilateral Economic Corridor Program, which was signed in June, 2016.

Minister J.Bat-Erdene expressed his confidence that the trilateral consultation will help develop practical calculation of freight to be transported through the Eastern Railway Corridor in correspondence with the current state and future trends of mineral resources in Mongolia’s eastern region and volume of transit freight, and intensify trilateral cooperation in this area.