Blue Pearl festival attracts over 20000 visitors

2018-03-05 13:12:41
Khuvsgul /MONTSAME/ Organized by the Governor’s Office of Khuvsgul province, annual ice festival named ‘Blue Pearl’ took place on the weekend of March 2-3.  The ice festival was celebrated under the theme ‘Let’s love and preserve Khuvsgul lake’.
This year, over 20000 domestic and 132 foreign tourists visited, which was over 10000 in 2017 and also over 2200 vehicles gathered there. International hockey and figure skating teams participated at the festival as well.

Opening ceremony of the festival was held with participation of Governor of Khuvsgul province L.Ganbold, Deputy Governor of Khuvsgul province and head of organizing committee Ts.Battogtokh, Head of the Tourism Policy Management Department at the Ministry of Environment S.Bat-Erdene and other administrative officials of Khuvsgul province.
Held for the first time in 2000, the festival aimed at paying a tribute to Khuvsgul lake and surrounding Mountains as well as to preserve the lake. Over the past 18 years, the number of horse sledge participating at the festival increased to 50, it was six at the first festival as well as the scope of the festival has expanded. Weather condition was favorable for the visitors to comfortably travel through the ice town in which characteristics of six ethnicities featured including Buryatia, Darkhad and Khotgoid, especially the Tsaatan (reindeer people), taking pictures of themselves and play.
During the festival, the visitors were attracted to reindeer and reindeer herders’ teepee, tent which  contain characteristics of Khuvsgul province.
In addition, 15 events were organized involving traditional costume show, ice driving, relay contests, ice sumo, horse sledge race and others.