February 23 events

2018-02-23 10:11:37
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Following events are expected on February 23:

10AM: The groundbreaking ceremony of the Laboratory VIII building and the opening of the ‘MUST printing factory’ to be held near the Mongolian University of Science and Technology library.
10AM: The National Center for Mental Health and the Youth Development Department of the capital city to inform the adolescents and young people about the prevention from bad habits at the Press center of capital city
10AM: The II meeting of General Council of the Committee of Mongolian Trade Unions to take place at the Cultural Palace of Mongolian Trade Unions
11AM: ‘White Tara of Shiniin 8’ (the 8th day of New Year) exhibition opening to take place at the  Bogd Khaan Palace Museum
11:30AM: The family members of the convicted people in the murder of renowned politician S.Zorig at the National Press center
12AM: The traditional Concert for Shiniin 8 (8th day of New Year) performed by the State Morin Khuur Ensemble to take place at the Manba-Dazan Monastery
15PM: Opening ceremony of the ‘Papercutting portraits’ exhibition to be held at the ‘Ord’ gallery of the Junior center for Creative Arts