Participants of ‘Football for Friendship’ forum selected

2018-03-12 17:18:46
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ It is the first time that Mongolian Football Federation is to participate in Football for Friendship, international children's social project, organized by Gazprom.

Striker E.Darinchuluun from 'DMU' club and Sh.Erkhes from 'Mongolyn temuulel' team will represent Mongolia in ‘Football for Friendship’. A young footballers and journalists under 12 years will participate in the event.

E.Darinchuluun from 'DMU' club will attend summer training in Moscow and play as a midfielder in the children's international football tournament. Sh.Erkhes will, also attend a summer journalism training and report on E.Darinchuluun's performance.

They will partake in activities of the ‘Football for Friendship’ project and represent their homeland, sharing information about Mongolia and attend the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup.