'Asia Finance 2018 Ulaanbaatar' forum to be held

2018-03-19 13:12:22
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ 'Asia Finance 2018 Ulaanbaatar' banking and financial, human resource training and methodology forum will be held at the 'Blue Sky Tower' on March 24, for the first time in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

At the invitation of 'Guren' graduate institute, leaders of the 'Andrews Partnership' company that cooperates with International Financial Centers in USA, Europe, Asia and provides human resources consulting services to multinational banks and financial institutions will attend the forum.

During the meeting they will give closed lecture to top 500 Mongolian youths who are specialized or capable of specialiazing as  investment banker, financial analysts, financial managers and PR management about expanding their scope of career to the international level and opportunities to work in Asian financial centers, also the skills and personality required for the job. Four guest speakers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo and Ulaanbaatar will shareinformation in wide range of subjects, including Significance of Asian region's specialty, lifestyle of expats in Mongolia, future of banker's career in Mongolia.