G.Zandanshatar: Government will pay attention on intensifying construction works

2018-03-20 12:08:22
Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/ Head of the Cabinet Secretariat G.Zandanshatar met with municipal authorities of Ulaanbaatar city on March 19, discussing actions being implemented in the city and giving some assignments.

To begin the meeting, G.Zandanshatar said, “The Government announced 2018 as Year of Accountability. Within this frame, all ministers and governors of aimags and Ulaanbaatar city were assigned to accomplish projects and actions reflected in directives and programs to implement the Government Action Plan 2016-2020 on time. All levels of public service shall reinforce disciplines, order and accountability and improve governance.”

“Reducing air pollution is the most urgent problem for Ulaanbaatar city. This April, a progress of an implementation of the government and parliamentary resolutions regarding the reduction of air pollution will be reported to the Parliament. Therefore, the Cabinet meeting to be called on March 28 will discuss the implementation of relevant actions, planning and unified policy. The issue on air pollution and smog must not be forgotten during spring and summer. Also, solutions on reduction of air pollution will be brought into discussions at Mongolia Economic Forum to be held on March 29-30,” stressed G.Zandanshatar.

A paved road connecting new International Airport in Khushig Valley to Ulaanbaatar will be complete by October this year and new airport will open next January. According to government resolutions, an access of a raw coal to Ulaanbaatar will be banned from May, 2019. Administrative organizations of the capital will be relocated in Yarmag, Khan-Uul district. The Government also made a decision to give all-round support to intensify constructions of satellite cities, sub-centers, villages and industrial and technology parks. Some related ministers and the Governor of the capital city were assigned to study relocation of some agencies, public organizations and state-owned universities from the downtown.

G.Zandanshatar obliged the municipal authorities to report about solutions and ways targeted to achieve abovementioned goals at the Cabinet meeting within this month. “If the government resolution on banning an entry of raw coal into Ulaanbaatar city works well, Ulaanbaatar city’s air pollution is likely to be reduced by 70-80 percent,” he noted.

S.Batbold, Governor of the capital and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar, said: “The municipal government is working under its plan to move into a new building in Yarmag in July, 2019. Yarmag will be a new center of the city. There are such examples in many countries that the city administrative organizations move out from the downtown first in order to decentralize and establish a satellite city.”

Moreover, G.Zandanshatar said, “The government commences ‘Digitalization’ program from itself and public organizations. From next year, a project will be implemented. As a result, citizens will be accessible to online public services. Also it will cut red tape and corruption. Public service will be transparent and fast. Municipal organizations need to implement the program.”

One of important issues discussed during the meeting was about schools and kindergartens to be newly built and extended. “ Construction work of 34 schools and 52 kindergartens will start this year, which were projected in the state budget. Of them, the municipal government was given an authority to build 16 schools, 23 kindergartens and three complexes of primary school and kindergarten. Now, it necessitates resolving land issues for constructing a total of 17 schools and kindergartens,” reported the Chief of Land Relations Department of Ulaanbaatar city. According to the department it requires MNT26 billion for compensation in freeing the land.

The Government pays a special attention on eliminating three-shifts in schools and attendance of every child in kindergarten. “Land issues need to be urgently resolved as construction works must commence in May. If not, it will not be complete within this year. Thus, the municipal authorities need to report on budgetary and administrative solutions at the cabinet meeting,” assigned Mr.G.Zandanshatar.