April 4 events

2018-04-04 10:04:38
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Following events are expected on April 4.

9 AM: A consultative meeting on the UNESCO project ‘Heritage in a Box’ is held at the UN House.

9 AM: A workshop themed ‘Census on Land Degradation due to Mining’ is held at the Fresh Water Resources and Nature Conservation Center.

10 AM: A national consultation themed ‘Sustainable Development of Land Farming’ is held in the State House.

10.30 AM: The General Authority for State Registration and Intellectual Property holds a press briefing about the transfer of foreign passport services to districts.

11 AM: The 2018 Mongolia Mining international expo opens at the Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Complex.

11 AM: The second stage of the ‘Healthy Liver Mongolia’ national programme commences at the Misheel Expo Center.

11 AM:  A children’s opera concert titled ‘Happiness Seeker’ is held at the Mongolian Children’s Palace.

11.30 AM: An agreement on Mongolian – American dual-diploma program is signed at the Global International School of Mongolia.

12 AM: The Mongolian Youth Federation launches a study compilation titled ‘Youth Study – 2017’.