S.Batbold: Most projects with Chinese soft loan will be implemented in Ulaanbaatar

2018-04-13 16:13:42
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Most of the major projects discussed during the Prime Minister's visit to China are related to Ulaanbaatar city. Particularly, large projects with the Chinese soft loan funding will be implemented in Ulaanbaatar, notes Mayor of the capital city and Governor of Ulaanbaatar S. Batbold. 
"During the PM's visit we signed a memorandum on building a new  Wastewater Treatment Plant. This problem was discussed for many years and by signing a memorandum works will be intensified and  we intend to start this project by this summer. I think that the project will be realized smoothly as the funding has been solved.
Resettlement and housing projects of ger districts have been delayed due to the suspension of the loan issuance from the Development  Bank. Also, we had difficulties in funding infrastructure construction in ger districts. Ministries of the two countries discussed on solving the infrastructure issues with CNY 2 billion grant aid  from China. Within the first phase CNY 660 million will be granted to Mongolia in 2018.  This will be spent for infrastructure developments including building clean water, sewerage and power lines, in addition to constructions in border checkpoints" he said. 
He had meetings with 'head' companies’ authorities discussing on the progress of some ongoing projects and about the projects to build a flyover  and renovation of  three main bridges in Ulaanbaatar city. Moreover some delegates visited a waste processing plant during the visit. "Globally, the waste is completely processed and eliminated with eco-friendly technologies. For Ulaanbaatar city we are incapable to completely eliminate  the waste and if we go on like that by 2020 all dump sites in Ulaanbaatar will be full. Therefore, it is necessary to build  waste processing plants before 2020 and the problem was also discussed during the visit," said Mayor S.Batbold.