Illegal gold mining operation stopped

2018-07-18 16:25:10
Uvs /MONTSAME/ On July 16, a joint working group consisted of Governor Office of Uvs aimag and inspectors of the Department of Specialized Investigation stopped illegal gold mining operation which was prepared for launching by some citizens who have no special license and other documents to conduct exploration in the Orlogo River and Bor Cliff in Tarialan soum of Uvs aimag. The suspects who were preparing for illegal gold mining had two excavators and 3-4 heavy trucks.  

Even though 4.5 ha of land in Burgastai site in Tarialan soum was approved for gold artisanal mining use, there is no cooperative who obtained necessary permissions; as for some cooperatives the Mineral Resources and Petroleum Authority has not given approval to them. Generally, illegal gold mining frequently occurs in Uvs aimag in recent years. Therefore, local authority and relevant organizations are paying attention to crackdown the illegal action, reported Ts.Battulga, state inspector of the Department of Specialized Inspection of Uvs aimag.