Mongolian gers becoming one of export products

2018-10-12 16:55:48

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Demand for Mongolian Ger, traditional national dwelling increases and tend to become one of export products. According to Head of the Mongol Ger Manufacturers Federation D.Otgonpurev, over 2,000 gers are exported and over 6,000 gers are sold domestically each year.


Currently, there are over 150 companies and individuals producing ger. Ger for travel purpose, for camping, herders, mines, construction workers, tourist camps, city settlement, restaurants, reception, export, toy-souvenir--over 10 types of gers are manufactured in different sizes: from 3 to 32 ger walls (the size of the Ger’s is determined by the number of khana (lattice walls) in which one khana represents the space required for one person to live, sleep and work).  It is considered that gers could be made even better by using advanced technology and different materials, creating a new design that is suitable for both settlement and nomadic life.

Mr. D.Otgonpurev said, “By promoting it internationally and increasing exports, about 20,000 gers can be exported. Mongol ger is becoming popular abroad in recognition of its excellent structure, easy to build and dismantle as well as the practicality of using it during extreme weather conditions.” But alongside with the increase in demand, there have also been signs of negative consequences.  Several incidents occurred which Chinese and Russian companies invited Mongolian ger craftsmen to have them make a ger in attempt to discover ger making technology secrets and manufacture without permission.”

Director of Arts and Culture policy Department at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports B.Sergelen said, “UNESCO officially inscribed “Traditional craftsmanship of the Mongol Ger and its associated customs” in its intangible cultural heritage list on December 6, 2013. For that reason, we, Mongolians, should be the ones that make Mongol gers and promote our cultural heritage to the world.”