Opera singer E.Ankhbayar arrives home with two gold medals

2018-12-24 19:34:57

Mongolian opera singer E.Ankhbayar, who participated in the opera and romance categories at the Rimsky-Korsakov International Competition of Young Opera Singers, winning 1st place in both categories, has arrived back in Mongolia today.


Opera singers E.Ankhbayar, B.Mongolkhuu, B.Uranzolboo and B.Delgerbayar participated in the B class international competition, which took place in Moscow, Russia on December 13-19. A total of over 270 singers from over 20 countries participated in the competition.


E.Ankhbayar – Opera singer, Foremost Cultural Worker


 “I am happy to have won gold medals in two categories in the B class international competition. I participated in the aria and romance categories. For the romance category, I performed ‘Mongolian Steppe’ by State Honored Cultural Figure, composer B.Sharav. Previously, G.Ariunbaatar performed the song in the UK. From this, one can see that the world has taken interest in Mongolian songs. I believe this is due to the many great singers, who performed our songs at prestigious international competitions. The audience received it greatly during my performance of ‘Mongolian Steppe’. I’m sure that Mongolian works will soon be considered as a part of the world classics.”


Promoting Mongolia on the international stage, opera singer E.Ankhbayar participated in many prestigious competitions, winning the 1st and 2nd places.


Currently, he is working at the Burg Gars Opera Theatre of Austria alongside being in contract with the National Theatre of Hungary. It is also worth noting that previously, State Honored Artist P.Ganbat and Foremost Cultural Worker Ch.Badral participated in the international competition, winning 2nd place.

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