‘Export Mongolia 2019’ business forum held

2019-03-01 15:04:29

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Export Mongolia 2019’ business forum took place at the Corporate Convention Center on February 28. National exporting companies shared their experience at the forum.

The forum initiated by Export International Trade Center NGO was co-organized by the Business of the National University of Mongolia, SME Development Fund and Development Bank of Mongolia.

Producers of wool, cashmere, leather, animal-by products, organic cosmetics, jewellery and accessories participated in the forum, introducing their activities.

Director of the U.S branch of Anglo Freight LLC A.Erdenejargal said the company intermediates domestic producers through its overseas branches and transport logistics centers, promoting export products at the markets of Western Europe and the US In addition to that, the company has exported over USD 100 thousand worth dried curds, sea buckthorn and airag (fermented mare’s milk) to the US.

Participants of the forum addressed the issues of increasing exports of non-mining and value-added products, establishment of foreign trade network.

‘Made in Mongolia 2019’ expo organized at the forum provided information on exporting products to Japan,Canada and the US, giving opportunity to get acquainted with ongoing projects and programs in the sector and learn from international best practices.

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